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Category: Home Improvement

My Partners Excavation Service In Melbourne Victoria

mini excavation

My partner recently started an Online Excavation ServiceĀ over in Melbourne that focused on Pool removal and levelling as Melbourne grows in population.

I wanted to bring up my views on excavation here and see if anyone of my vegan friends have an opinion on the matter.

My opinion is that all old buildings should be recycled and used to help build new buildings in order to minimise waste and get better refining techniques. i will explain this all now.

In my time i have seen a lot of construction and a lot more destruction. From the uncontrollable Earth Quakes to the potentially Purposeful demolitions that go on behind the scenes. We have been wasting materials like there is no other option for as long as my mind can recall. IF you want to learn more about increasing the value of your home through home improvements like Bathroom renovations. Visit the link to read more.

Should we have other methods in place and regulations on how much waste a company can create as opposed to how much it can build out? and should we also have more options and more research into recycling? A great thing i managed to pic out of the world wide web was a new system of houses being constructed called earth ships. These highly developed houses are made from recycled tires! and Mud! none the less they are 100% better than the normal way of building a house as they are earthquake proof, self warming and self cooling, they provide there own water and clean it, and reuse it. The thing i like the most about these fully self sufficient homes is that they are constructed with Rubbish in the walls!!! anything that can be packed and hidden away in these is. and i believe that is the best way to go about the matter.

What is your opinion?

should we be worried about the speed we are creating and destroying?

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